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Honestly I expected more.

Advertisements and reviews were so laudatory that I was little dissapointed.

Whatever, I liked it!

Not the best movie, but good one, telling some truths and making you think  of real not ”in time’ life.

Actually, it’s just an ordinary story about the rich and the poor, the big city and the ghetto but  implementation of the idea of time used as exchange value makes this movie different and interesting.

”For few to be immortals many have to die” is the key word, which is true for our material world too.

Everytime I heard the word ”time” I instinctively change it with word “‘money” in my mind and I said to my self  “O really,  it’s so true!” However if there wasn’t this “time” motif I would’ve said the movie was boring and banal.

The rich can live forever…

How can you know?