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In Bulgaria the 14th of February is not only the Valentine’s day but also traditional Day of wine.  It is interesting how two events, one foreign and other traditional Bulgarian, can harmonize each other so brilliant. Love and Wine are quite good together but when we are looking for perfection we definitely should add a chocolate. So that today chocolate is held in so high respect that you might thought it’s the Day of chocolate. And I believe that love, wine and chocolate are deemed to be a great combination all over the world. Today, by implication, we also kind of celebrate the Chocolate Day. And as one of my obsessions I’ve just couldn’t miss to mention it.

After we have specified that Love Day and Wine Day are celebrated with a lot of chocolate, now we should select our preferred place for celebration. It has to look something like this:

We already know what we’ll wear so what is left is only the present!

But about the present…

let it be surprise!

Kisses and have a nice holiday