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Well I decided to present you a few Bulgarian fashion brands. They are innovative, young, made by ambitious young people. They are not famous world-wide brands, in fact they are not very popular even in Bulgaria. They are not high-class neither expensive, mostly an everyday wear. So first brand I will present you is Knapp.


Knapp is a Bulgarian fashion label, based in Sofia,
Bulgaria. Designs are minimalist yet feminine with a fresh retro feel and small touches that give them personality and uniqueness. The Knapp girl is vivacious and dynamic, smart and sensual.
 They like to experiment by developing one model for different fabrics showcasing
 the richness of choice and their own singular special qualities. Every season they present two collections – a Main collection featuring more intricate pieces and the more casual Light collection.
Knapp was established in 2011.

Brief preview of their last collections:

 This shirt is favorite of many Bulgarian celebrities: