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You may have heard about Gio Diev shoes which obsessed many world-wide celebrities. The creator of this brand is man called Gio Metodiev and he is Bulgarian. Recent years he lives in New York where he has worked for Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana. In 2012 he starts his own brand Gio Diev which became popular very fast.


‘He began his career as a PR, managing the American press for Dolce and Gabbana, coming into contact with the fascinating and mysterious world of women’s fashion, at which has since remained loyal admirer.

Gio Metodiev, the famous shoe designer who lives and works in New York, was so caught up in the fashion industry, becoming a real innovator of it.

In fact the 2010 was the birth year of his brand GIO DIEV, a way through the designer can predict and make real, desires and dreams of the female world, creating sculptures to wear at all times.

These products are truly unique, very sensual, compelling and sometimes provocative, that really express the beauty and winding characteristics of a body part is not always enough to be considered: The woman’s foot, undisputed symbol of femininity and sensuality.

His shoes, with heels, pronounced necklines, wacky and unusual combination of elements, so bring all eyes and attention to that accessory so loved by women of all ages and all the world.’

Part of Gio Diev collections:

And celebrities wearing Gio Diev: