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    It’s December,  the weather is snowy, Christmas is almost here and I think it’s time to welcome a Christmas spirit to our Pink Side! You can see my answers to this questionary below and feel free to answer to or use “The December Tag”.
    p.s. I adopted the idea from Bulgarian beauty blog (http://www.rainofmakeup.com) so most of the questions and answers are related to beauty and beauty products.
1. The feeling of upcoming holidays!
2.  Versace Chrystal Noir for sure!
3. Not only this December but almost all the time: black eyeliner (the brand is not of a high importance); Guerlain Parure Comapct Foundation; Clarins Joly Rouge Soft Berry.
4. Natural look.
5. I’m not very keen on anything glittering but I would say Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer (to the extent it is glittering).
6. I’ll do this later.
7. Not only this month but throughout the whole year I eat a lot of candies and sweets, especially everything with chocolate. Typical Christmas candy for me is something we call “honey sweets”  but it resembles gingerbread. 
8.  I like all Christmas movies, they always give me a wonderful spirit and make me believe in Christmas miracles.
9. As it has to be related to beauty Estee Lauder Blockbuster 2012 would be good idea! 
10. I’m happy to share this questionary with my readers. Christmas holidays are reserved for my family and friends.