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Food of the day:


Want it right away! The problem is I’m not sure what exactly it is but it looks delicious!  If you have any suggestion what it could be or an idea how to prepare it I’d be happy to hear it.

Shoes of the day:


Lovely shoes! They resemble my favorite (and most comfortable) pair of shoes but mine are fully made of black leather. Again I’ll be grateful if someone knows the brand of the shoes of this picture.

Quote of the day:



Place of the day:


I can share nothing but my dream place – Marina Bay Sands. I find Marina Bay Sands one of the most spectacular hotels in the world and its rooftop pool is definitely the best infinity pool I’ve ever seen.

I plan to post such allurements at least once a week and want to make it a tradition to share nice and inspiring pictures with you. Probably I’ll organize it as a series of posts and I’ll really do my best to post allurements every week.